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Glenmorangie SIGNET, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, 700ml. 46% vol. limited

Seller: SZENEDRINKS Munich

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Owner - Franz Huemer Store rating

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'Glenmorangie SIGNET, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, 700ml. 46% vol. limited'

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Due to the no-age statement of the signet
is there no official age,
However, whiskeys with an age over
35 years have been used.
Vol 46%, non chill-filtered
Color: darkest amber

Aroma: Dinner in a dark, elegantly paneled dining room,
in which a fire sets the darkness with fascinating shadows
and silhouettes breaks through.
The dessert is served with a peppy gesture,
while a top-of-the-range Aruba espresso or guests
offers fresh mint tea. A chocolate cake with one
wafer-thin powder coating Cocoa fills the warm air
with its aroma, blends with the steaming coffee
and the mint. Layer by layer unfolds Glenmorangies Signet
even more depth. Next comes a darker,
sugar-sweet plump pudding on the table, rich in sherry,
candied orange peel, warm ginger and cinnamon,
immersed in a golden toffee and caramel sauce.
Last but not least, dry fruits dipped in chocolate,
Dates and crispy cherries placed on the snow-white tablecloth.

The contrast between melting, rich sweetness and
crackling spices and bitter mocha is dark and delicious.
A velvety explosion. The sensuality of baked apricots
followed by a touch of orange peel.
Add water and your senses are made from cinnamon coffee beans,
Walnut oil and the malting of digestif bisquits spoiled.
Over ice, the bittersweet taste is poured through nuts,
Raisins and warm ginger supplements.
A cool spring freshness of mint
and bright lime green texture.

Store Information
SZENEDRINKS offers one of the largest selections of different Gin and Tonic varieties, but Franz’ store does also present a wide but selective variety of champagne, whisky, rum, tequila, meczal, grappa, vermouth, vodka, liquors and fruit brandy.
His motto: "class instead of mass”. Here, you will find an impressive assortment of limited editions and exquisite drinks for every occasion.
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