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GLISS Caffee Contor
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GLISS® Ethiopia "Sidamo" coffee

Brand: Gliss Caffee Contor

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GLISS Caffee Contor
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'GLISS® Ethiopia "Sidamo" coffee'

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Ethiopian "Sidamo" coffee from GLISS - 100% Arabica enjoyment

Ethiopia is the original home of coffee and is one of the best in the world. It impresses with its balanced taste, full body and has a unique mocha note.

The Sidamo has a strong aroma, with dark chocolate notes. It is optimally suited for all filter preparations, the jug can, mocha pot and the fully automatic / portafilter.

For roasting and storage:
Hand-picked - and selected coffee beans. By nature already particularly low in caffeine, acid and tannin. The degradation of the acidity and the rich aroma are achieved by craft long-term roasting. This roasting process lasts up to 15 minutes at a moderate temperature of around 200 - 220 ° C. The beans are in constant motion, After opening the package, you get the aroma of this coffee best by keeping it protected from light at room temperature in its flavor bag. Seal the package airtight with a clamp or put it in a coffee tin with a clip closure and rubber ring. Please consume within two weeks of opening.

1,000 g | whole bean | € 29,60

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Store Information
GLISS Caffee Contor

The GLISS Caffee Group is a family business, founded by Michael Gliss, Germany's first coffee sommelier. In the mid-80s, he took his first steps in the world of coffee, when he lived in southern France and learned to love Mediterranean cuisine and wine. We import green coffee beans from the whole word and offer only our own roasts from one of the oldest organic roasting companies in Germany.

We want to show everyone that coffee is more than a "coffee pot with condensed milk".

Only fair and direct imports. The company is certified organic, a slow food supporter, and Michael Gliss serves as North Rhine-Westphalia's official honorary ambassador of regional agricultural and culinary heritage.

With an emphasis on professional expertise, individual single-origin coffees from the best growing areas along with exclusive varieties - such as "Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade No. 1" and "Hawaii Kona" - are offered directly from the coffee bins for individual weighing.

Michael Gliss strives to pass on his coffee experience to amateurs and professionals alike in coffee seminars and workshops held at the GLISS Caffee Contor or hosted on cruise ships, fairs and culinary events in many different countries.

The company also carries a selection of products which complement the coffee experience, such as filters, porcelain and decadent deserts. Worldwide shipping.

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