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Goldschmiede Kaya Wilbrandt
Owner - Thomas Kaya Wilbrandt Store rating

Gold bangle, solid, handcrafted

Brand: Kaya Wilbrandt

Seller: Goldschmiede Kaya Wilbrandt Cologne

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Goldschmiede Kaya Wilbrandt
Owner - Thomas Kaya Wilbrandt Store rating

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'Gold bangle, solid, handcrafted'

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Gold bangle made of 965 gold, solidly handcrafted in our goldsmiths in Cologne.

The circlet is idiosyncratic in its design, but nonetheless reserved. A modern, valuable jewelry for men and women.

The bracelet from thepuregold!

Kaya Wilbrandt

Goldsmith's workshop and jewelry design in Cologne

Engagement rings - wedding rings - wedding rings - partner rings handmade in gold and platinum. Goldsmith Kaya Wilbrandt Cologne

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Goldschmiede Kaya Wilbrandt
the pure gold - the essence of gold

For several years we have been offering the handmade jewelry series of the pure gold in our goldsmith studio Kaya Wilbrandt Cologne and have noticed that pendants made of fine gold and gold rings as well as earrings made of 999/000 gold are enjoying increasing popularity.
We are currently working on a series of rings and pendants set with diamonds and a series of wedding rings in fine gold and 965/000 gold.

Made by hand, each piece unique and individual in shape and design, these gold pendants, gold rings and bracelets in 999/000 gold fine gold offer the possibility of clear, joyful and reserved elegance.

Their archaic structure leads back to the origins of all jewelry, to the essence of gold.
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