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Breaks Gin Manufaktur
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Gourmet set 1x Grand Cru Choco Gin + 5x Japanese Yuzu Tonic

Brand: Breaks Gin

Seller: Breaks Gin Manufaktur Karlsruhe

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500ml (8.00€/100 ml)

Store rating

Breaks Gin Manufaktur
Owner - Harald Reinholz Store rating

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'Gourmet set 1x Grand Cru Choco Gin + 5x Japanese Yuzu Tonic'

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The Breaks Choco Gin Tonic Set is a great gift idea: 1 bottle of Breaks Grand Cru Choco Gin + 5 bottles of Tonic Water.

Valrhona Grand Cru cocoa beans from Madagascar are used for this unique gin. Not only are the cocoa beans special, but tonka beans also find their way into Choco Gin. In addition to other botanicals such as liquorice, cinnamon blossom and mace, the juniper berry should not be missing.

Drink recommendation

5cl Choco Gin
200ml Indian Tonic Water

Pour the Choco Gin into a glass filled with ice cubes, pour over the tonic. Squeeze an orange zest over the glass, garnish with a few cocoa nibs and an orange wedge. Cheers!

This gin and tonic set is always a good choice. Whether as a birthday present, as a guest present or just for the sake of it - this set arouses joy in every gin lover.

scope of delivery

  • 1x bottle of Grand Cru Choco Gin
  • 40% vol.
  • 500 ml
  • 5x Tonic Water: Goldberg Japanese Yuzu Tonic
  • Each set includes 5x € 0.15 deposit


Beverage manufacturer Goldberg & Sons brings star bartender Jimmy Barratt on board and conjures up an exciting Japanese Yuzu Tonic Water, which brings a new complexity to the tonic landscape. Not only bars and clubs are happy about such a miracle weapon, tonic water also breathes new life into after-work mixed drinks such as gin and tonic and other classics at home. This is due to the Japanese yuzu fruit, which gives the tonic distinctive floral aromas such as cherry blossom and lemon. The Matcha trace, which has an invigorating and fresh effect on the pearly tonic water, provides a special kick. Goldberg & Sons offers the highest tonic enjoyment with style and class!

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