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Gourmet set 1x Premium Dry Gin Premium + 5x Goldberg Bone Dry Tonic

Brand: Breaks Gin

Seller: Breaks Gin Manufaktur Karlsruhe

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Breaks Gin Manufaktur
Owner - Harald Reinholz Store rating

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'Gourmet set 1x Premium Dry Gin Premium + 5x Goldberg Bone Dry Tonic'

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The Breaks Premium Dry Gin Tonic Set is a great gift idea: 1 bottle of Breaks Premium Dry Gin + 5 bottles of tonic water.

Our Breaks Premium Dry Gin is produced directly in Karlsruhe. The composition of the botanicals is unusual and unique, which makes this gin something special - whether pure or mixed with a tonic from this gin and tonic set. All production steps, including the filling into the elegantly designed bottles, are carried out by hand - "handcrafted".

The harmonious composition of the botanicals used is convincing. In addition to juniper berries, we use cubeb pepper, lavender, orange blossom, lemon peel, liquorice, fennel and fresh cinnamon blossoms for the Breaks Premium Dry Gin. This creates an exquisite, mild taste. In addition to this taste, this one, like all Breaks Gins, convinces with its traditional production method.

The Breaks Premium Dry Gin has a fresh, elegant aroma. Herbal notes support the typical juniper note. Botanicals such as cardamom, fennel, the light spice of Kubebenpepper and the citrus fruits are also clearly recognizable. The harmonious taste bouquet is rounded off by the orange and cinnamon blossoms used, which provide a light, floral aroma. The combination of the various, sometimes unusual, botanicals ensure the extremely complex and fresh play of aromas. They make the Breaks Premium Dry Gin a unique experience. The gin is soft, mild and fruity in taste. A warming, gentle feeling arises in the mouth. In the background, hints of pepper, cinnamon and ginger can be seen, creating a slight spiciness that goes very well with the fruity, mild base tone. This creates a gin with complexity and depth.

Enjoy the Breaks Premium Dry Gin with a tonic water of your choice from this gin and tonic set: 5x tonic water, to choose from: Thomas Henry Tonic Water, Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, Goldberg Japanese Yuzu Tonic, Goldberg Bone-Dry Tonic or Mixed with 1 bottle of all types - you decide.

This gin and tonic set is always a good choice. Whether as a birthday present, as a guest present or just for the sake of it - this set arouses joy in every gin lover.

scope of delivery

  • 1x bottle of Breaks Breaks Premium Dry Gin
  • 44% vol.
  • 500 ml
  • 5x Tonic Water: Goldberg Bone-Dry Tonic
  • Each set includes 5x € 0.15 deposit


Bone dry: this tonic water leaves one thing above all - a dryness of character in the mouth that is second to none. The high quinine content demands a lot from its connoisseurs. But you will be rewarded! Fine spring water is nicely balanced with carbonic acid. you can literally feel the love of the tonic tingling on your tongue. There are also fresh citrus notes that are slightly sour but by no means too sweet. Whole focus on the bitterness! This unfolds powerfully and provides the beloved dull mouthfeel. A strong tonic water for pure enjoyment or mixing. The tonic looks nice in the gin and tonic. Not as usual, but rather dry and honest!

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