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Gourmet set 1x Rose Berry Gin + 5x Thomas Henry Tonic water

Brand: Breaks Gin

Seller: Breaks Gin Manufaktur Karlsruhe

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Breaks Gin Manufaktur
Owner - Harald Reinholz Store rating

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'Gourmet set 1x Rose Berry Gin + 5x Thomas Henry Tonic water'

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The Rose Berry Gin Tonic Set is a great gift idea: 1 bottle of Rose Berry Gin & 5 bottles of Tonic Water.

Treat yourself to a break with our Rose Berry Gin. Pure, or with a tonic water from this set - this gin is a special experience.

The typical gin juniper note is supported by herbal hints. Cardamom, fennel, the light spice of Kubeben pepper but also the citrus fruits are very easy to recognize. We achieve a wonderfully light, floral aroma through the orange and cinnamon blossoms used. The taste bouquet is rounded off in a harmonious way. The taste of the Rose Berry Gin is soft, mild and fruity. A warming and gentle mouthfeel is created.

This gin and tonic set with a tonic of your choice is suitable for every gin lover. A gin and tonic based on Rose Berry Gin is always the right choice - whether for a professional or a hobby lover. Also ideally suited as a gin gift set, for birthdays, as a guest gift or just in between - this gin and tonic set is always the right choice.

scope of delivery

  • 1x bottle of Rose Berry Gin
  • 44% vol.
  • 500 ml
  • 5x tonic water: Thomas Henry tonic water
  • Each set includes 5x € 0.15 deposit


The classic at international bars - fill up once, please! As a filler, Tonic Water is an indispensable part of any bar in the world. The career path from malaria prophylaxis to soft drinks and long drink fillers is more than impressive. The quinine obtained from the cinchona tree prevents malaria. Above all, the bitterness and tartness of quinine make it absolutely popular as a conventional soft drink. Thomas Henry now conjures up his very own tonic water, which is just as wonderfully bitter and not at all sweet.

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