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Haack am Markt
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Green plaque Remover HOTREGA®

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Haack am Markt
Owner - Andreas Richeling Store rating

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'Green plaque Remover HOTREGA®'

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HOTREGA green layer Remover

• Automatic and lasting effect
• Ideal for stairs, walls, winter gardens, wood, plastic etc.
• Acid - and chlorine-free

Effective deep cleaner with automatic long-term effects. The highly concentrated
acid - and chlorine-free formulation guarantees maximum effectiveness with highest material conservation.
Preventive active ingredients penetrate deep into the surface and protect up to one year
New pollution.

Areas of application:
Suitable for concrete, wood, glass, stone, limestone, ceramic - and plastic -
Surfaces. Ideal for use on stairs, walkways, terraces, walls, House - and
Garage facades, driveways, winter gardens, tomb stones, roofs, wooden fences and houses,
Awnings, plastic garden furniture, glass, painted surfaces, mobile homes, boats and much more.
Also suitable for removing Lichen and mold indoors.

In the run-up to manually remove thicker impurities. A sprayer is suitable for applying
(such as HOTREGA® pressure sprayer) or a watering can. Smaller areas can also use a
Editable brush. Do not rinse with water. The cleaner works automatically.
Allow at least 24 hours. Should it rain during this time, she must
Treatment may be repeated. Any contamination residue can then
Water be rinsed off or disappear during the next rain.

Carefully use green plaque remover. Read always label and product information before use.

Store Information
Haack am Markt
West coast Schleswig-Holstein, in the center of a small town, normal down-to-earth customers, families, pensioners, rural population, grocery business mainly household goods and metal goods. Apart from that our range of products includes: Brushes and scrubbers, steel products (knives and scissors), tools, garden tools, seeds, pesticides, pet food, gift items, fishing equipment, weapons and ammunition, semiluxury food (sweets and tobacco), some zoo goods. Our business was founded more than 115 years ago and is led by the fourth generation now. Our customers call our store “Klein Karstadt” suggesting that we are the small town version of a big department store chain in Germany. The store has 6 employees including boss and family.
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