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With our Grande Dame of Good Taste, the straight 23cm HALM glass drinking straw , not only does your healthy and fresh smoothie creation taste good, but you can also enjoy Pina Colada and Hurricane from the highball glass, because you save yourself with the stable glass straw even the cocktail pestle and stirrer.

The 23cm HALM has the standard straw length, but is elegant and ideal for relaxed connoisseurs.

Taste is the order of the day here!


Our glass straws are made of extremely stable special glass, without pollutants, BPA-free, recyclable and 100% made in Germany. Safety has top priority in our complex manufacturing process.

A multi-stage production process with double quality control ensures that every single straw is a flawless product of the highest stability. That makes HALM perfect - for at home and on the go, for children and adults, for a whole life!

With HALM you choose the best drinking straw in the world.


Our HALM glass straws are dishwasher safe and are simply placed upright in the cutlery basket . In the standard program, the HALM drinking straws made of glass are rinsed from top to bottom and thus achieve the same cleanliness as a drinking glass.

Each set also includes a plastic-free brush made from natural bristles. So you can easily clean your reusable straws on the go - even with stubborn dirt.


With HALM you choose a consistently environmentally friendly and ecological product: Not only our glass drinking straws, but also our packaging is 100% plastic-free - certified and with paper from sustainable forestry.

Thanks to the use of our glass straws, over a ton (!) Of plastic is saved every day .

But we take environmental protection even further: through the “ HALM Less Waste Initiativeeach of our sets donates to worldwide cleanups and charitable projects.

Become part of our mission!

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In 2015 we travelled to Southeast Asia and visited the Thai island of Koh Phayam. Quickly we noticed that on the beach huge amounts of plastic were washed up.

We decided to organize a beach clean-up and within two hours we filled bags of plastic waste - a total of almost 4000 litres!

The number of plastic straws we pulled out of the sand was shocking.

In 2016, for example, we founded our start-up company HALM. At first we had to do a lot of convincing, because drinking straws made of glass were still completely unknown. In the beginning we went from bar to bar and restaurant to present our innovation personally. The unbeatable advantages of our products quickly spread.

In the meantime many thousands of restaurateurs to our customers and you can buy our HALM drinking straws at countless retailers - from small unpackaged shops to large supermarkets.

We are also very pleased that many TV reports, magazines and bloggers have already reported about us.

We now have so many customers that, taken together, they avoid over a ton of plastic a day - an enormous sum! It quickly becomes clear that the plastic straw is not just a little evil, but a real weight. And this motivates us to carry HALM further into the world and reach even more people.

Together with our growing team we spread our message every day, adding more taste to your drinks and less plastic to the environment.

We want to free the world from disposable plastic straws.

But there's much more to it than that:

We want to draw attention to the entire plastic problem, clarify it and finally bring about positive change in people's thinking and actions.

With our Special Editions we already support a broad spectrum of international NGOs. We will continue to invest in innovative initiatives and projects and promote other products that address the plastic problem through cleanups, education, research and education with us.

The plastic blade has become a symbol of waste. With HALM, we are now creating a symbol for sustainable quality.

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