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Honey pump

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  • Organic certified
  • City honey
  • Pesticide free

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The honey pump: these are city beekeepers all their bee colonies are only a few kilometres of from Munich's Marienplatz square: in the Glockenbachviertel district, the Maxvorstadt in Schwabing, Sendling, Haidhausen, the Nymphenburg Palace park, the Isarvorstadt and in Ramersdorf.

Each district honey tastes different! And as each discipline is spun off separately, you can get districts... through Munich

Schwabinger spring honey, Glockenbach spring honey, honey, Sendlinger Maxvorstadt spring spring honey and so on and over again! And everything in the finest organic quality!

The people of Munich are to opportunity to enjoy honey of avenue trees, cemeteries, parks and balcony flowers comes directly into your neighborhood. Not just for allergy sufferers, this is a special treat. Varietal honey of linden and black locust are very special dishes. The city is a unique variety of nectar and pollen sources. A diversity that otherwise only exists in Germany in heathlands or the mountains. This town honey therefore has a particularly spicy note.

The filling of the honey pump their honey from by districts. Try it for yourself, what city part honey you'll like most!

Why should "" not Munich "" can enjoy this honey / should / must:
In the embossed of monoculture agricultural deserts to the country today can no more bees survive once the main flow, such as rapeseed or sunflower has finished flow ring. The pesticides used in agriculture are therefore one of the main reasons for the bee deaths. Read why the bees are better in the city than in rural areas:

Bees love heat, bees love many different flowers. In the city there is on annual average warm than in the countryside. But more importantly: bees find in town a greater variety of food sources. It blooms continuously from autumn in parks, spring to late cemeteries, in the river ISAR, the alleys and of course the balcony boxes.

In the countryside, however, monocultures are cultivated extensively. Farmers use pesticides, which are a major cause of bee mortality. Many of monocultures such as corn and all kinds of grain, are for the bees so completely useless because they can not be serviced by bees as Windbestäuber. Other crops such as oilseed rape and sunflowers, are available only for a short time as foraging in the fields. Are these flowering, the bees have to starve. Honey from rape and sunflower is therefore produced only by migrant beekeepers who have their bees travel from one location to another.


Like the honey into the glasses COMING
The honey of the honey pump is of especially high-quality food which is produced under the most stringent hygiene standards. Antibiotics and all banned chemicals are avoided. To combat the Varroa mite solely for Commission of for beekeepers-organic acids are used. The removed honeycombs are hurled warm and creamy stirred depending on type of honey or poured directly into the glass. Neither the honey is heated, still be added substances.

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