Owner - Yvonne Adam

Hot Pillow - Mini Cord

Brand: Yvonne Adam

Seller: ADAM PILLOWS Cologne

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Owner - Yvonne Adam

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'Hot Pillow - Mini Cord'

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  • Filled with rapeseed (hot or cold)
  • Warm colors and high quality materials
  • Simple and timeless design

 The warm colors and high quality materials are suitable for cuddling and promise a warm feeling of security.

With the power of the integrated rapeseed cushion (hot or cold) the HOT PILLOW MINI keeps you and your favorite sofa spot extra warm. Apart from that, the simple and timeless design fits in any room!

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Custom-made floor cushions for indoor and outdoor use. High quality workmanship, unique design. Natural posture, natural materials. Each cushion represents a unique tailor-made design, according to your wishes – each cushion always winning the debate… get up, or stay seated? Adam Pillows – the heavenly way to enjoy life; all natural, highly comfortable, extremely healthy.