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Hoya carnosa tricolor

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The Hoya carnosa tricolor is a houseplant that forms flower umbels on long tendrils in summer. The many flowers of the umbel are reminiscent of delicate porcelain , hence their second name, porcelain flower . The foliage shows an unusual three-colored coloring .

The porcelain flower is suitable for sunny to partially shaded locations. The midday sun of summer is also tolerated after getting used to it.

The earth is allowed to dry well between watering. Hoya carnosa is slightly succulent and tolerates the occasional drying out. She doesn't like waterlogging.

Pot diameter: 19 cm, growth length: 45 - 70 cm

PLEASE NOTE: Since each plant is unique by nature, you do not get exactly the plant that is shown in the photo. You get a vigorous, healthy plant that is the same height, appearance and volume as the one shown. The plant is sent in a commercial pot and not in terracotta pots as shown in the photo.

We only send plants on Mondays and Wednesdays so that they can quickly find their way to your home.

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