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Give yourself inner strength for an energetic start to the day. The stimulating formula with fresh lemon oil and lemongrass oil increases the performance of body and mind. Both oils also have an antibacterial effect and can also help with infections. Gives an excellent, fresh feeling in the mouth.

ELIXR Detox Oil Rituals bind waste products directly in the mouth. They remove them and restore their natural beauty.

Oil pulling is a centuries-old detoxification method from Ayurveda. Traditionally, each morning sesame or sunflower oil is swirled in the mouth for a few minutes to bind breakdown products that accumulate while the body detoxifies overnight. So this tradition promises beautiful skin, hair and teeth.

ELIXR turns this tradition into an exclusive taste experience for all the senses. For ELIXR Detox Oil Rituals, only selected high quality, certified organic oils are used, which translate into taste, fragrance and effect. Visible and noticeable. Used as a daily morning ritual, use ELIXR Detox Oil Rituals to preserve your unique beauty. Brighten the skin, hair and teeth.

Valuable expert knowledge and professional know-how are combined in the products of ELIXR: Manufactured with the highest quality standards based on natural plant power and natural pure essential oils. Made in Germany.

ELIXR owns the natural detoxification system of our body. Our body detoxifies every night, leaving the end products on the tongue. If they are not removed, they end up in the organism again. ELIXR Detox Oil Rituals bind the waste products directly in the mouth. They remove them and restore their natural beauty.

Treat yourself to individual luxury. All three types ELIXR emphasize your very personal mood in the morning. HARMONY provides balance and balance, ENERGY gives you strength and vitality and IMMUNITY gives you inner strength. Your very personal luxury in the morning. Express your personality.

With ELIXR you choose a quality product. Reveal their beauty. Day after day.

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The TANTJE Concept Store is a paradise for those who value individuality, great products and very personalized advice.
Here you can find everything women love: top newcomer beauty products of natural cosmetics, as well as the perfect styling for a special occasion.
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