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intricately crafted collector bear of Moses of the Bible series by Hermann

Brand: Hermann Spielwaren GmbH Coburg

Seller: echt bärig Coburg

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echt bärig
Owner - Christine Förnbacher Store rating

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'intricately crafted collector bear of Moses of the Bible series by Hermann'

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Mohair plush
Wood wool
Hum voice
Size: 40 cm
Height limit in PCs: 1000
1 in the HERMANN Biblical series
Like all Hermann Teddy bears made in Germany.
Very elaborately designed with much attention to detail.
High-quality collector bear.

Teddy bear made of mohair
finest natural materials for real bear dreams
mohair is from one of the most valuable Goat breed - the Angora goat - obtained by shearing of the very long grown hair coat. No animal has to die for the extraction of his precious hair. Angora goats are very temperature-sensitive animals that require certain climatic conditions to your breeding, namely not to warm summer -which otherwise would cause a drying out of the rangelands - and no cold winter times - had the a decimation of the herds to the result. This ideal relationship is only in 3 zones usually encountered the Earth. This origin countries are South Africa, Turkey and Texas. The term "Mohair" comes from the Arabic word "Muhayyar", which translated means "Fabric made of goat hair". The fur of the Angora goat is white, curly and shiny and may result in Highpile fabrics processed a particularly hard-wearing State assets. This, his silky feel and its gloss make the mohair to one of the highest-quality fibers which offers our nature
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echt bärig
Button eyes with a lot of soul! The name couldn't fit better.

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That's how we turned our passion into our profession and fulfilled our dream of a bear shop.

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