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Yang Chai Tea Boutique
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Yang Chai Tea Boutique
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Pour boiling water over
Brewing time
7-10 minutes
Portion control
20-25 g / l

Jack lives in a small idyllic island in the middle of the tropics and lying around most of the time lazy on the hammock. A straw hat creates shade him and a small monkey keep him company.
But when it comes to tracking down the juiciest and sweetest fruits nobody knows he better!

The best out of his basket now is there for you. Of course from controlled organic cultivation. Enjoy friends with Jack's delicious fruit blend mango passion fruit Orange and banana!

Ingredients: Sultanas * banana chips * (banana coconut oil raw cane sugar honey) hibiscus * carrot flakes * licorice root pieces of pineapple (pineapple release agents: rice flour) Mango cubes * cinnamon * natural flavouring, marigold flowers *.
* from controlled organic cultivation

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