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Jukserei BIRTHSTONE Ring Birthday Ring (Month)

Brand: jukserei

Seller: melike shop Reinheim

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Handmade fine ring with a choice of 12 different gemstones, one for each month of the year.

Our birthstone rings were made to celebrate you or someone special! It's meant to be a personal gift for yourself, your friend, your mother or your girlfriend. Choose your own birth month or the month of someone you care about most. Your ring is beautifully packed and ready for a present!

Every month / gemstone has its own superpowers. So you can choose according to your birth month or according to the characteristics of the gemstone:

Choose between 12 colors when ordering:
JANUARY / GRANAT: Passion, energy and health
FEBRUARY / AMETHYST: trust, intuition and spirituality
MARKET / AQUAMARINE: Liquid, soothing and going with the river.
APRIL / CLEAR QUARTZ: clarity, manifestation and focus
MAI / EMERALD: harmony, beauty and security
JUNE / PEACH MOONSTONE: Positive, balanced and soothing.
JULY / RUBY: Love, courage and passion
AUGUST / PERIDOT: happiness, trust and protection
SEPTEMBER / SAPHIRE: Loyalty, Strength and Integrity
OCTOBER / OPAL: Good luck, confidence and creativity
NOVEMBER / ZITRINE: happiness, joy and light
DECEMBER / TURQUOISE: Health, protection and wisdom

Choose between 2 sizes when ordering:
Size 1 (50)
Size 2 (54)

The sizes may vary slightly, as it takes elaborate manual work to make this kind of delicate rings.

Our birthstone rings are made of 24k gold-plated sterling silver and decorated with real gemstones. As with all gemstones, there is a chance that they will easily fade over time, the more one loves and wears them!

Store Information
melike shop
melike: since 01. April our shop, workshop & office is located in a beautiful half-timbered house in Reinheim (ODW)
Besides our own label melike we also distribute the jewellery labels Jukserei and Scherning. We also carry the brands ferm living and some more.

We work wherever we are inspired, but above all in our small workshop. Our textiles are manufactured in southern Germany. The material we use is 100% organic and certified. We purchase outerwear from Stanley & Stella and refine them with our designs. Melike cards are produced climate neutral, FSC-certified and printed with vegetable oil-based inks according to DIN ISO 12647-2.

The idea for melike was born in 2013 by Eva Voelcker and Doris Maurer. In summer 2014 we founded the label and the shop melike with Bettina Nick. Since 2017 Bettina Nick and Doris Maurer lead melike.
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