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Jumpsuit with cherry blossom pattern

Brand: Eva Brachten Modedesign

Seller: Eva Brachten Modedesign Mönchengladbach

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Eva Brachten Modedesign
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'Jumpsuit with cherry blossom pattern'

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Cozy jumpsuit, perfect for trips and summer holidays. Due to the soft material, it can easily be folded together and takes up little space in the case.

The elastic jersey made of 100% cotton and the loose fit ensure a pleasant comfort. In the thigh area of ​​the jumpsuit is cut wide and narrower to the ankle.
Between the waist and hips, a cuff is incorporated, so that the jumpsuit can be tipped. As a result, the upper and lower lengths can be varied, depending on how much width is tapped.
The crotch area is deepened, as is known from harem pants.
In front of the jumpsuit is pleated and has on the side of pockets as you also know with jeans. Next to each pockets is a 6 cm wide belt loop through which a braided cotton cord runs, which are also replaced by a belt can.

The one-piece is tied at the neck. The braided band (also 100% cotton jersey) runs through a drawstring, which runs over the back area to the front. If the band is pulled tighter at the nape of the neck, the area from the back can also be tightened.

From the proportions, the jumpsuit is suitable for a height of about 1.60 m to 1.75 m.
To keep the colors fresh for a long time, we recommend a short or gentle wash program at 30 ° and advise against drying, chlorine and chemical cleaning (can permanently damage the material).

Made in Germany!

material: 100% cotton

Color: royal blue, pink

Pattern: cherry blossoms

Size 36-40

1/2 bust 40 cm (relaxed), 52 cm (stretched)
1/2 waist 38 cm (relaxed), 48 cm (stretched)
1/2 hip 54 cm (relaxed), 64 cm (stretched)
1/2 thigh width 37 cm (relaxed), 43 cm (stretched)
1/2 hem width (ankle) 15 cm (relaxed), 18 cm (stretched)
Side length 140 cm
(measured from below the arm to the ankle, incl. Schoppweite)

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