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Kampot pepper case

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Hennes Finest Pfeffer-Boutique
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Hennes' Finest Kampot pepper in black (33g), white (37g) and red (33g) in an elegant case.

White Kampot pepper has an intense bouquet and delicate aromas. Its intense, sharp flavor accompany notes of fresh grass and lemon. The berries for harvesting this pepper rarity reap the farmers when they are ripe and their color is red on the shrub. The fresh, red grains are placed in water for several days, the outer shell, the pulp of the pepper, dissolving. This gives the white grains, which are subsequently dried in the sun. The White Hennes' Finest Kampot pepper must not be mixed with ordinary white pepper, the grains of which are mechanically dried and separated from their outer skin. Due to the natural, gentle and gentle refining process, the Weiße Hennes' Finest Kampot pepper is much more aromatic and powerful in the bouquet. Because of its fresh and spicy notes the White Hennes' Finest Kampot pepper fits perfectly to fish, seafood and poultry. Also in bright soups and sauces, to the salad and to spicy Quarkspeisen it makes itself magnificent. In a light pasta with oil, garlic, lemon and shrimp, he shows all his skills.

Red Kampot pepper offers a powerful, fruity aroma, combining the sharp and mature taste of black pepper with a sweetish spiciness. In Kampot, the pepper grains are harvested when their color changes to the red in the bush. After drying in the sun of Cambodia, they are cleaned and hand-picked. The red pepper is an extraordinary ingredient, which requires a very careful and difficult selection during the harvest. Before drying, each individual berry must be separated from the flower by hand. To preserve the red color, the berries are dried quickly after harvesting. A process that requires great caution. Our recommendation: Roter Hennes' Finest Kampot pepper gives game, poultry, pork and fish a special, fruity-sharp note. It is also excellent as dessert pepper and for fruits like strawberries and ripe mangoes.

Black Kampot pepper is characterized by a strong and yet fine aroma. Its taste buds range from an intensely sharp to a lovely note. The black pepper reveals traces of eucalyptus and mint. In Kampot, the pepper grains are harvested when they start to mature and assume a yellowish hue on the shrub. Dryed by the sun, they are then cleaned and read by hand. During this process, one person per day of 10kg black pepper sorts an average of 20% of the pepper grains. This ensures that only the really perfect grains are sold. Our recommendation: Use Black Hennes' Finest Kampot pepper for refining red meat, dark soups and sauces. Also to tomatoes and salad tastes wonderful.
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Hennes Finest Pfeffer-Boutique
From the remote plantations of Cambodia Hennes’ Finest brings you the possibly most exclusive pepper in the world. The legendary Kampot Pepper is planted, cultivated, harvested and sorted out by hand. Not a single machine is used in the production line of the Campot Pepper and its’ cultivation is strictly organic. Its special taste is due to Cambodia’s mineral loamy soil, tropical sun and a lot of love that goes into the production of every single corn. Even in Germany where the last steps of the production take place everything is made manually. This is how we create this product of extraordinary quality. Hennes’ Finest are official supporters of Slowfood Germany.