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Children's leggings Donna Palmen "Disco"

Brand: Mondkind von Fesch

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'Children's leggings Donna Palmen "Disco"'

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Hand-sewn children's leggings by Mondkind von Fesche
* Leggings for little heroines *

  • The leggings always remind you of a heroine of everyday life or of an entire epoch
  • Every month there is a new heroine - in a limited edition of max. 200 pieces
  • This time we remember a unique singer, icon and disco queen. Donna Summer
  • Donna Summer, actually LaDonna Adrian Gaines) was a singer and songwriter
  • Summer is considered the undisputed disco queen. Together with the producers, she developed the new idea of international pop
  • The anthracite colors with the shimmering golden palm trees are beautiful in combination
  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Jersey, made in Germany
  • Mondkind by Fesche is always looking for special fabrics for wonderful children
  • Inspired by the books by Elena Favilli and Francesa Cavallo, the idea for heroine leggings came with the focus on women who courageously and unconventionally followed their hearts

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