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Boerholzer M-ä-hhh - Werk
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Knitting diaper pants made of wool itself

Brand: Seehawer & Siebert

Seller: Boerholzer M-ä-hhh - Werk Brüggen

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Boerholzer M-ä-hhh - Werk
Owner - Claudia Holthausen Store rating

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'Knitting diaper pants made of wool itself'

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** ** Lanolingarn
100% shampoos with natural lanolin content
LL: 220m / 100gr.
Needle: 3-4
Wash up to 30 ° C if necessary with lanolin.

A natural white yarn, which has a high content of natural lanolin (wool fat).
Therefore very suitable for diapers (instruction is provided with), as well as for socks or hiking pullies.

Windelhöschen: Plastic diapers often lead to sore throat, rashes, fungal diseases and allergies, as well as pollute the environment.
Wool breathes and is temperature-balancing. It is dirt-repellent and can absorb up to 40% of its weight of water without feeling wet.
Even with wet diapers, the panties remain dry and the baby warm.

Lanolin reacts in the wool with urine (or with sweat in socks) basic and neutralizes thus bacteria formation and smell.

The dried wool is again odorless and fresh, so it is rarely necessary to wash it.

Store Information
Boerholzer M-ä-hhh - Werk
Welcome to my little hand spinning mill!

Since 2013 I am happy to have opened the Boerholzer M-ä-hhh Werk.
What started at home in the living room has become a small, fine wool shop in the beautiful castle community of Brüggen, where you will find everything a wool heart desires.
From selected qualities from Sweden to domestic, handspun wool.
Spun fibres for hand spinners are of course also included.
We attach great importance to high quality.
The yarns are partly hand dyed for you. Special blends without the addition of polyester or polyacrylic are important to us, and small gifts decorate our shop, which have all been selected with love.
I am especially happy about visitors, who are always welcome for a cup of tea.
We meet every 1st Monday of the month and every Wednesday morning for knitting, spinning and storytelling.
But also during the week everyone is invited to drop by, whether with a problem or to knit a round.
If you would like to learn spinning or spend an afternoon with your friends, everything is possible.

Let me take you to my little world of wool...
Your Claudia Holthausen and
the team of the hand spinning mill Brüggen, Boerholzer M-ä-hhhh - Werk
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