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Knitwear Shawl with Snap Fastener Closure Sweatshirt PINK

Brand: CADO

Seller: CADO Cracow

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'Knitwear Shawl with Snap Fastener Closure Sweatshirt PINK'

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Multifunctional knitted scarf, stole, cape:
  • PINK colour
  • On the short side edges have a lot snaps fasteners, which provides an easy drapery on the body
  • 100% cotton
  • Wonderfully arranged and easy to drape
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You and your needs.
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Respect for the environment, local entrepreneurs, and unique quality for our customer.
Proven principles craftsmanship, good craftsmanship tradition in combination with design. We use honestly produced materials, with concern about the environment and the rights of workers. We support local entrepreneurs, and we believe that the Polish product can be modern, beautiful, functional and timeless at the same time. We promote the universality and versatility of our additives. Our collections are not subordinate to seasonal fashion. Inspiration for us matter, its structure and  color are the first pretext to create the next limited edition line: from Zamotki® knitted necklaces, oversize, multifunctional scarf in a wide range of colors or authors' jewelry.

Fun of texture and shape are our hallmarks. In fashion, we value: individual solutions, form-loving. We can provide you the clothes and accessories that fit your needs, time and lifestyle, like a chameleon.

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