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Kolormondo globe, 12 cm

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Kolormondo - The world of colors

Kolormondo fundamentally changes the way colors are arranged, presented and understood. The world of colors is represented here as a globe. The Kolormondo globe has a white north pole and a black south pole. At the equator you will find the purest colors - the ones that make up the color wheel. The more you approach the white North Pole, the brighter the colors become. Going south, towards the black South Pole, the colors get darker. Toward the center, the colors change to gray. Imagine a pillar or pillar between the north and south poles - that's the gray scale.

The Kolormondo 3D Color Puzzle is based on the color model CMY (English: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow). CMY is a pigment-based subtractive system. The concept was inspired by color pioneers, such as Philipp Otto Runge, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Albert H. Munsell and Johannes Itten, teachers at the Bauhaus in Weimar.

The name Kolormondo in Esperanto means "world of colors". Kolormondo is a Swedish innovation that has been registered as a patent. The founder, Nicoline Kinch, has been awarded the inventor prize of the city of Stockholm.
The Kolormondo globes are used worldwide in universities and schools, in research and education, and in product development in fashion and cosmetics. Or simply as a stylish accessory for the home.

Kolormondo globe
Diameter: 12 cm, comes as a plug-in kit
Offset printing to 300 g. carton

Article No. 5115

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Bauhaus Store Weimar
The legendary design school, the Bauhaus, was founded in 1919 in Weimar. Architects and artists such as Gropius, Feininger, Klee, Itten and many more were there from the beginning and shaped a then revolutionary understanding of new architecture, design and art in all fields.

Today, the Bauhaus is part of 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Weimar. The Klassik Stiftung Weimar owns the oldest collection of Bauhaus exhibits worldwide - and a new Bauhaus Museum is currently being built in Weimar, which will open its doors in spring 2019 for its 100th anniversary.

As a subsidiary company of Klassik Stiftung Weimar, we operate our own Bauhaus Store in a central location at the Weimar market place. An we look forward to the opening of the new museum, which of course will also receive an inspiring Museumshop.
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