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Blue Frida
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Materials: Made from tapestry fabric and lightweight denim with a spring pattern printed. Shares of synthetic fabric in the production of car accessories and leather. Long strap with chain links for flexible Tragemöglichkeiten.Lieferbar within 2-4 business days.

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Blue Frida
With the charm of modern Mexican design and handmade under fair trade conditions, these products are specially designed for the Fridas of the 21st century with style and personality. Each product is unique and combines the spirit and radiance of the purest Mexican tradition with the freshness of an avant-garde style. We carry products of young designers, which were manufactured elaborately by hand, with great commitment and love. These principles guarantee the elegance and quality of each of our products: handmade fabrics, soft or vivid colours harmoniously matched, interesting design. The artisan production of each article is time-consuming and original. Creativity is the hallmark of our offer.
We have our headquarters and the centre for worldwide shipping in Berlin, a city where style and originality renew themselves day after day, just as we do for you!
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