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Lampshade No.3

Brand: Petr Bakoš

Seller: HARDDECORE Prague

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Light shade No.3 is foundation of Reunion Lights family. It has 3 parts of surrouding coating and round part for holding socket. The beautiful thing on this lightshade is, that you can choose colours of parts. For most we recommend using only one colour, they are clean and distinctive. Combinations od 2+1 colour look best for braver creations. Overall impression can be done with carefully selected cable. 

Light shade is made from sturdy photocarton. Colours of this years collection are temperate, but in interior they feel distinctive and self-confident.

Light shade fits on standart cabels with E27 socket, so it's possible to change the light shade in case, you already have cable installed.

Size is aprox. 20 x 20 x 30 cm

We recommend using LED with power around 10W/4000K

Price is just for light shade, cable with socket is sold separately.

Store Information
Harddecore is a design and fashion gallery that gathers contemporary design perspective of Czech and foreign designers.

Here you will find exclusive collections that go from jewelry, glass and porcelain home accessories to furniture, lighting design, home decor and fashion. Almost every piece introduces a unique concept, produced in small series.

The products are chosen with love by Petr and his wife Josefina, considering singular characteristics and materials. The gallery is also a showroom for the fashion label Josefina Bakošová, which urban fashion is characterized by the contrast between sportive and elegant elements and unusual and asymmetric details.
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