Ela Eis Design
Owner - Ela Eiselein

Long chain, glass wax bead

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Ela Eis Design
Owner - Ela Eiselein

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'Long chain, glass wax bead'

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Hello everybody,
Welcome to our store.
Here you will find beautiful and noble Unikatschmuck.
All our pieces are manufactured by us in manual labor with selected and high quality materials. Of course, allergy-free.
Our jewelry can be simple to combine everything. Whether the classic business outfit or casual, you are no limits.
For inquiries or requests for productions, please send us a message or visit us at our store in Dusseldorf.
And if you are looking for a jewelry course, a location for a child's birthday or a hen party - also we organize lovingly for you and your guests.
For more information, visit our website: www.elaeis.jimdo.com
We hope you enjoy browsing!

Long chain, glass wax bead

Length : 126 cm

Width : 0.8 cm

Color :beige, white, cream, black, turquoise, blue, purple

Weight :medium

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Ela Eis Design
I'd rather go with my interests in width and not so much in depth. That's why I design unique jewelry pieces. ELA EIS DESIGN reflects this philosophy and represents modern femininity with new ideas.