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Lavender Cream Ointment

Brand: Crema Eletta

Seller: Il Girasole Milan

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Il Girasole
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'Lavender Cream Ointment'

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It Contains Sweet almond oil, olive oil, lavender, wax dawn, calendula, chamomile, mallow, Centella, centifolia rose, yarrow, thyme, lime, rosemary and other herbs. This ointment, using only natural ingredients, herbs wild mountains of the Valle Seriana, with the extraction of the active substances of herbs soaked in vegetable oils. It can be applied on all occasions, especially where they are needed its soothing. Excellent in case of Delicate skin and reddened skin - Burns - rashes solar - Furunculosis - Geloni - Corns and Calluses - Varicose veins - phlebitis (apply a generous layer of cream without massaging) - Eczema - Dermatitis and erythema responsive to radiation therapy - Bedsores and lesions typically escoriative - Abrasions - Hemorrhoids - Fissures (breast, anus and hands) - Warts - Athlete's Foot - Ingrown Nails - Scars and Keloids - insect bites - inflammation, contractures and muscle injuries. In case of injury Inflammatory apply the cream in a thick layer, without massaging. If toothache apply the cream on both the sore tooth that on the gingiva contiguous (in the case of pyorrhea be applied at least 2 times a day). Effective in relieving the discomfort of teething neonatal and subjects with denture (grease the gums). In diaper rash in infants and genital irritation in both men and women you can also be applied to mucous level; How aftershave reduces irritation from shaving and softens the skin; How soothing and anti-inflammatory in after waxing performed using any technique: in addition to softening the skin eliminates irritation and burning. In case of constipation bronchial, spread the cream massaging the chest and cover with a woolen cloth. In cold it is advisable to apply the product in the nostrils and aspirate: for disorders sinusitici massage with the cream of the sinuses, frontal and maxillary, then cover with a woolen band. The product has no form or dose of medicine, and not a substitute for medical care or specialty. Expiry date: 9/2018
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Il Girasole
Il Girasole is an herbalist’s shop located in Rovato (BS) since 1982. Here you will find everything from herbal products and organic cosmetics, to typical food supplies and hygiene products. In the shop, the customers can take advantage of the unique advices from Lucia, proud of her degree in herbal medicine obtained at the University of Urbino (Italy).