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TRIBUTE Mezcal Artesanal Joven DURANGO, 700ml. 45% Alc.Vol.

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'TRIBUTE Mezcal Artesanal Joven DURANGO, 700ml. 45% Alc.Vol.'

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Natural ingredients

100% Ágave Cenizo Maduro Silvestre.
Although we are wild, we plant for
every collection 2 Maguys to a long-term
To ensure production.
In addition, we use 150% more
Agave as needed to make a liquid with higher
To produce quality.

production process
1,5 cm Jima The Jima is the cutting of the leaves
the maguey. While others cut to 5 cm,
cut it to 1.5 cm. The more cut,
the lower is the bitterness in the
final liquid, although the preparation is much more expensive.
That's why we explain
that the mezcal LE TRIBUTE is "pure heart":
We just get the heart of the Maguey,
the part with more quantity and quality
sugar of the plant.

Cooked in traditional volcanic stoves.
The wood from which the Maguey is made,
consists exclusively of oak wood, the Mezcal
gives it its characteristic smoke flavor.

Artisanal All production is complete
by hand. From the harvest of Maguey and the transport
to stone ovens on the production of ovens and the
Milling Maguey, packaging and labeling.

Made in Mexico Our Mezcal is made after t
Radionic methods produced in Durango, Mexico.
His production is by the demanding
governed by official Mexican standard and
is manufactured under the NOM-D248G.
Uriel Simental, our Mezcalero teacher,
is for the control of the process after the
unique and exclusive recipe from LE TRIBUTE
responsible in the facilities of Bosscal,
our Mexican partner.

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SZENEDRINKS offers one of the largest selections of different Gin and Tonic varieties, but Franz’ store does also present a wide but selective variety of champagne, whisky, rum, tequila, meczal, grappa, vermouth, vodka, liquors and fruit brandy.
His motto: "class instead of mass”. Here, you will find an impressive assortment of limited editions and exquisite drinks for every occasion.
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