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Lems Nine2Five brown

Brand: Lems Shoes

Seller: Wellmann zieht an Leipzig

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Wellmann zieht an
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Get to know the Nine2Five - an evening shoe that offers everything you have been looking for in shoes for the working day. Ultra-minimalist zero-explosion dress shoes that actually have the natural shape of the foot were previously unknown! This oxford style shoe features a toebox that is wider than your cubicle and so light it holds fewer ounces than your morning cup of joe. AND unlike the microwaveable meal you brought with you for lunch, these shoes are good for your health! Help realign your posture, improve your gait and relieve certain foot ailments like bunions and hammertoes in these full-grain leather oxfords! Whether on your feet or at a desk, the minimalist dress shoe you've been looking for on the web when you were to type up these TPS reports is from Lems Shoes. So look no further, get yourself a pair and climb your career ladder at Nine2Five.

- Lems Natural-Shape ™
- Upper: 1.6 mm full-grain leather with pull-up effect
- Outsole: 9.0 mm LemsRubber ™ (air injection rubber)
- Insole: 3.5 mm removable, moisture-wicking PU insole
- Stacking height: 9.0 mm (without 3.5 mm insole)
- Drop: 0.0 mm (zero drop)
- Weight: 9.0 ounces (men 10)
- Care & treatment: Otter wax or Nikwax

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Wellmann zieht an
Our shop is located in the heart of the Südvorstadt in Leipzig. You can find brands like Waldviertler and Think at our store, which are one of the most sustainable footwear brands. Our aim is to sell foot-friendly and healthy shoes for all ages in a good quality. Of course, you also get everything you need for your shoe care, such as shoe polish and shoe trees, but also matching socks or tights for every season. This leaves nothing to be desired in our assortment.
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