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Linseed oil cold pressed organic

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Our cold-pressed organic linseed oil is a very special edible oil. Flax, or flax, is one of the oldest crops ever. With a share of 74% polyunsaturated fatty acids, almost 60% of which is alpha linolenic acid (omega-3), it makes a very important contribution to a healthy diet. No other food has such a high concentration of omega-3 (in fish, the proportion is about 3%). Normal linseed oil tastes smooth and bitter, but since we use a specially protected linseed, our linseed oil tastes slightly nutty and not bitter.

In order to obtain the highest quality linseed oil, we always produce fresh and only in small quantities. Because linseed oil is particularly sensitive to light and air, it does not last very long. .Therefore, it should be used up within eight weeks. Alternatively, you can keep linseed oil in the freezer compartment, so the shelf life is extended to about 6 months.

Cold-pressed linseed oil consists of about 9% saturated fatty acids, about 17% monounsaturated fatty acids and about 74% polyunsaturated fatty acids, 60% of which, as mentioned above, are alpha linolenic acid (omega-3).

Our cold-pressed organic linseed oil is only suitable for the cold kitchen. Ideally, every morning for breakfast mix a teaspoon of linseed oil in cereal, yogurt, quark or smoothie. But it also goes well with jacket potatoes with quark.

Our conclusion:

If you want to do something for your well-being, try a teaspoon of cold-pressed organic linseed oil per day. We are excited about it !!

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