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Coco Bont
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Lovely Time earrings, yellow and fuchsia chalcedone, semi-precious stones, silver plated, elegant ladies jewelry

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Coco Bont
Owner - Malgorzata Bont Store rating

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'Lovely Time earrings, yellow and fuchsia chalcedone, semi-precious stones, silver plated, elegant ladies jewelry'

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Gemstones: fuchsia and yellow chalcedony.
Socket: 925 silver, gilded.
Ear plugs. Overall length approx. 4.6 cm, approx. 2.0 cm wide.
Weight: about 4 g.
Occasion: from the trouser suit over the summer dress to the festive cocktail dress.

  • Free shipping within DE
  • High quality fashion jewelry, handmade in small edition
  • Beautifully cut semi-precious stones, silver plated
  • For each pair of stud earrings we provide free replacement stoppers
  • Light and comfortable to wear
Store Information
Coco Bont
Coco Bont Boutique was opened by the owner of the same name in Frankfurt am Main in 2014 in a very prominent location, the Goethepassage. The focus was on extraordinary, opulent and high-quality costume jewellery, which was completely different from the mainstream range. Soon the idea of an own collection came up because the wishes of the customers were difficult to fulfil with the existing brands. This decision proved to be the right one and the Coco Bont jewellery was enthusiastically accepted by the customers. In keeping with the current trend, the focus is on ear jewellery. The collection also includes necklaces and bracelets and is constantly being developed further.

The characteristic feature of the Coco Bont jewellery is that on the one hand, it stands out without appearing too "statement" and on the other hand, it is not so discreet as not to attract attention at all. We rely on the effect of semi-precious stones and gemstones, on the variety of colours and the dynamics of the cuts. Silver and gold are receding into the background for us, but are still important. They form a decorative frame for the jewellery, sometimes almost invisible, sometimes more present. The designs range from small and sporty (e.g. ear studs, approx. 1.5 x 1.0 cm) to classic and elegant (2.5 to 6 cm long) to glamorous and unusual pieces (up to 10 cm long ear jewellery). The frames are made of sterling silver, either pure or gold-plated. All designs are available in both versions. The wide range of colours leaves nothing to be desired. Weight plays an important role in wearing comfort. Therefore, all our earrings are correspondingly comfortable to wear. Depending on their size, they weigh between 1 and 12 grams. On average, one earring weighs about 6 grams. Our stoppers have a wide surface and ensure that the jewellery lies well on the ear. Whether for everyday life, a cocktail or ball gown, party or wedding, jeans or summer dress, we have the right thing for every occasion.

Our jewellery is designed with a special dedication. We focus on high quality, attention to detail and uncompromising perfection. Creativity does not stop with us, so our customers can always look forward to new designs and refined compositions of colours and cuts. In all our designs, aesthetics come first. We listen to our customers and like to be inspired by their wishes.
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