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Lubin - Akkad Edp 100ml

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I am powerful ruler of Akkad, the Gopinath - the gardener of large swamps - between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers once raised, Sargon. The essence of Akkad is the gift of beautiful Ishtar, who loved me and protected. It contains the most valuable ointment by pound and the islands of the great sea of those who still much farther away. This amber is like the light that brightens my Kingdom, the most valuable treasure my empire. over 5,500 years ago formed the civilization of Uruk, where the writing was invented, Mesopotamia (today's Iraq), which extends between the two rivers Euphrates and Tigris. According to the "Frühdynastischen time", which began some 5,000 years ago and was divided the area into "City-States", an empire under the aegis of a mythical sovereign - Sargon. This follows approximately 2,300 BC, is not just a conqueror, but also a visionary, paving the way for the civilization that still today is our heritage. As an infant, by his mother, a priestess in a wicker basket on the Euphrates is exposed and saved by Gopinath, the Cup-bearer and gardener of the King. This brings him to the Court of Kiš, and the ambitious Sargon the rulers to follow it.

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