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Lubin - upper ten 100ml

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In the 19th century men and women of other continents came to America, to settle on the little-populated country. They escaped from the old world, in which only the origin and not the talent or the merit decided about the career of the individual. Hoping for a better future, a young and free people founded the first nation in a century by his own standards. A country has emerged from the first settlements, which is committed to the continuous progress: the United States of America. After a new aristocracy emerged from the millions of people--a cadre of farsighted and ambitious Männern.Wie millions of others also had these 10,000 men of one morning without views return their home leave. They all were bold and followed their daring dreams. They were called the "upper ten," the upper ten thousand, pioneers of the industrial age of America, whose power the United States owe their superiority. This term was coined by the American writer Nathaniel Parker Willis. Perfume "Upper Ten" is the scent of places of power. It gives the feeling when you enter it in the year 1880 a gentlemen Club in New York or Chicago. Cedar, sandalwood and a refined leather with geranium accents make the main chord of this masculine homage to the creativity of the American pioneers. Cardamom underlines the woody note and a slight hint of cinnamon gives composition a certain dynamic. Amber and musk in the base notes provide strength and depth. You give the scent its calming force. 
    Top Note: bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper blossom, saffron, WacholderbeereHerznote: cinnamon, geranium oil and leather, peach, OrangenblütenBasisnote: cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, amber and white musk
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