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Macadamiamus Rich Roast 500g

Brand: Koro

Seller: Naturkreis Koblenz

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  • Pleasant sweetness
  • Extra creamy consistency
  • No added sugar or salt - naturally contains sugar
  • Made from 100% macadamia nuts
  • Ideal for refining desserts and breakfast bowls

Everything about Macadamiamus Rich Roast 500 g

All Prince Harry fans watch out! It will be royal at KoRo. Because with our mus we have it - the queen of nuts - our macadamia nut. And this time the royal visit is extra creamy! Bring your portion of royals to your home with our wonderfully nutty macadamia mousse!

The royal nut butter - our macadamia cream

We love to puree our nuts finely and then enjoy them as nut butter, spoon by spoon. Hazelnut butter, cashew butter, pistachio butter - we have them all! Of course, the absolute queen of the nuts should not be missing. We have unpacked our safari outfit for you and are on the direct way to South Africa. Why? To look for the best macadamia nuts for our nut butter - and we found them! Our macadamia mousse is a rich roast nut butter. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? It is, because rich roast is macadamia nuts that are heavily roasted after harvesting so that they can develop their full aroma. Your macadamia nuts are processed directly into a fine puree on site. Are you already having your mouth watering?

Macadamiamus - a noble kitchen companion

Are you already sitting in front of your glass, armed with a spoon, but this time you don't want to enjoy your new favorite mush just as a spoon snack? Then we have the right recipe ideas ready for you and tell you how you can use your macadamia mousse as a secret weapon in your sweet creations. We know and love them all: White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies. Why are white chocolate and macadamia nuts a dream couple? Thanks to their delicate, buttery, somewhat sweet and vanilla-like taste, the macadamia nuts go perfectly with the sweetness of the white chocolate. That's why we have developed a recipe just for you that will melt you away: White Chocolate Macadamia Kaiserschmarrn. Oh yeah! But that's not enough, we're also topping our sweet potato blondies with our macadamia butter and opening the creamy games! Would you like to show your friends how much you love them at the next brunch? With our blackberry-chia pudding with macadamia-date cream you will cast a spell over your friends: guaranteed inside. You see, your possibilities are limitless!

The special thing about our macadamia mousse

Our macadamia mousse is a nut butter for special occasions. Due to the strong roasting of the macadamia nuts and their natural sweetness, our puree is irresistible. The noble macadamia nuts are known as nuts with a high fat content; this makes the buttery, slightly sweet taste even more intense. Extra creamy, our top-class nut butter becomes a real highlight for every Sunday break - and all without palm oil. With us in the glass you won't find anything except macadamia nuts! As a true: r nut lover: in you cannot ignore our royal nut butter. So, come on, buy your portion of buttery-creamy nut fun with pleasant roasted aromas!

Average nutritional values per 100 g calorific value (in kj / kcal) 3006/718 fat 76 g of which saturated fatty acids 12 g carbohydrates 5 g of which sugar 4.1 g fiber 8 g protein 7.8 g salt 10 g

Article no. MUS_052 Origin South Africa Content 0.5 kg Brand KoRo EAN 4260654781533 Data sheet Specification of traces Explanation of trace identification Delivery delivery time outside of Germany Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin Storage Please store in a cool and dry place Ingredients 100% MACADAMIA NUTS Cross-contamination May contain traces of nuts. Sales description Macadamia nut butter

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