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Maraska cherry, vintage brandy, 350ml. 42% Vol. Stählemühle distillate 452

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'Maraska cherry, vintage brandy, 350ml. 42% Vol. Stählemühle distillate 452'

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The Maraska cherry is relatively unknown in this country.
If anything, then you remember dark
to the bright red, candied cocktail cherry,
since the 50s as maraschino cherry
was marketed, with the real Maraska
but has little in common.
Quite real and very interesting, however
the Italian and Croatian Maraschino liqueurs,
which have been produced for over 180 years.
The peculiarity of this fine liqueur is the
colorless transparency, as it is pure from a distillate
is made without fruit pulp and
through the crushed stones a very
fine bitter almond flavor reveals.

Such a maraschino was also for us
Starting point for a trip to the Croatian coast -
on the hunt for the real Maraska cherry
(Prunus cerasus var. Marasca).
This particular cherry is an autochthone
Wild style of sour cherry, originally
only in Dalmatia, but today too
grown in Slovenia and northern Italy.
Similar to our native wild cherries
the fruits are deep dark red and very small,
so that the proportion of stone in relation to the pulp
is extremely high and a wonderful marzipan
produced in the distillate.
A great wild fruit left in the distillate
more intense and "real" comes out - but also
great care in the distillation requires.
We have found what we are looking for in the area of Sibenik,
north of Split, where we have a producer organization
have found us small batches of this
special, wild "pearl" can deliver.

This genuine distillate rarity is one of the
most beautiful cherry brandies that we know
and impresses with an intense marzipan,
the floral, fresh and fruity sour cherry notes
is caught.

Silver medal of the Destillata 2013:
Judgment of the jury: »complex-aromatic, fruity and
complemented by a beautiful stone tone, complex and full-bodied! «

Storage potential: 3 - 30 years
Drinking strength: 42% vol.
Bottle: 0.35 l

Harvest year: 2012

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