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MARX CHAIGIN, 700 ml. 41% vol.

Seller: SZENEDRINKS Munich

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As basis for this CHAI-GIN we use
our MARX organic - GIN / Bayern DRY.
This quality product comes with a tea blend -
Bengali CHAI macerated, it is very important
that this approach does not make the GIN bitter with tea,
That is why it is extremely dosing and
the maceration time. Here, meticulous care must be taken
that an absolute harmony between the GIN
and the seasoning mixture is achieved.
With us this approach is meticulously monitored and
if we think that symbiosis between
revealing the best flavor development to the components,
the spices are taken from our GIN again.
This creates a spicy, almost Christmas and
intense spicy taste in which, however
the dominant juniper and Mediterranean touch of our GIN
not lost. So a perfect product in terms of density,
Harmony and length in perfection in the nose and
on the palate a lasting taste experience.

Store Information
SZENEDRINKS offers one of the largest selections of different Gin and Tonic varieties, but Franz’ store does also present a wide but selective variety of champagne, whisky, rum, tequila, meczal, grappa, vermouth, vodka, liquors and fruit brandy.
His motto: "class instead of mass”. Here, you will find an impressive assortment of limited editions and exquisite drinks for every occasion.
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