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MELT shirt

Brand: Format Berlin

Seller: WESEN/format Berlin

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Soft interlock shirt with a wide waterfall neckline in the front and deep v neck in the back and fitted part at the hip
100% organic cotton
The ecological fabric of this item is made by a GOTS certified manufacturer
XS, S, M, L
Store Information
WESEN is a place in motion, a living space.
WESEN: a showroom where we showcase clothing of format and other products of like-minded people.
a place where what we stand for is created: In essence, we show products that are flawlessly manufactured from ecological and ethical points of view.
We are format from Berlin-Neukölln and make sustainable fashion since 2008.
We use eco-materials and produce locally under reasonable conditions, as do many of our competitors. Nevertheless, there are some things that make us unique.

Our styles have a clear language and a certain recognition value. They are trendy, versatile and minimalist with special details. We combine suitability for everyday use with something special.

We do not produce mass-produced goods but small series. 
Thus, format customers can be sure that their unique personality can also be found in their clothes and in their very personal way of wearing them.

The brand and also we feel connected to the place where we work: our office, shop, studio, workshop and showroom the'WESEN' in Weserstrasse 191 in Berlin-Neukölln. 
We have always produced in our own workshop and now and then also had them produced for us in Kreuzberg and Stettin. At the moment we only sew here and are happy about the flexibility and control. We are active in a local network of small Neukölln labels (NEMONA) and take part in neighbourly activities (Neukölln Shopping Night). Many regular format customers also live nearby, which encourages us to belong here.

We have no financial dependencies. We do not have to justify our decisions to a higher economic authority. There are also no third parties who have company shares and earn money from us.

We will never be able to offer products in the low-price segment. We do not want to generate an exclusive clientele. But our prices are understandable for what we do. We set high quality standards for our products and want to offer our customers a wide range of favourite parts that are not removed from the range after one season. This is our approach of Slow-Fashion, which we pass on to our customers to motivate conscious consumption. Compared to regular designer clothing, we also fit into smaller budgets.

The door and the ear are always open. We look forward to your visit and suggestions. We do not see ourselves as ethereal beings or stylish fashionistas, but as clothing producers. We don't always take ourselves and fashion so seriously, but all the more so our passion for well-made clothing. We have nothing to hide and like to share information with others. We have no hierarchical structures and most decisions are made together. Job interviews are not tricky question and answer situations, but lunch with the whole team.

We don't want to become millionaires and we don't want to take over the world. We just want to be able to do what we enjoy doing. With great colleagues at a place where we feel comfortable. At the moment this is not yet possible without compromises.
In order to achieve our desired wage with high quality, fair production and a realistic sales price, we still need some work. Because also prices are honestly composed with us. If our costs fall, so does the price. We work economically with the returns we receive. Invest in new machines and optimize salaries.
We do not advertise or pay anyone to wear our clothes or to say or write good things about them. Our advice is always honest, because we are convinced that short-term economic success is not sustainable and valuable. Perhaps we have also retained a bit of naivety in order to believe that what we do can have an influence on individuals or even society.

Not only our clothes should be produced ecologically and fairly. We claim that our designs are up to date throughout the season. Our clothes are available for a long time, not just for one season. The BEING is also carried out in the same way as sustainability is lived in our private households. We separate and avoid waste, run on green electricity and gas and cook for everyone at lunchtime (mostly organic and always vegetarian/vegan). Totally undogmatic.
FORMAT stands for products with clear shapes, defined details and superior lines for casual but well-dressed ladies and gentlemen.
FORMAT combines freedom of movement with elegant style and a sense of the essentials.
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