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Men's Jeans // Beck

Brand: Nurmi

Seller: Phasenreich Munich

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'Men's Jeans // Beck'

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  • Material: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton
  • No Chlorine bleached is used
  • The ecological and ethical aspects are taken well into consideration

Nurmi jeans are designed and made to last for a long time as an essential part of your wardrobe. The jeans are made with the best of the world.

// Color: indigo blue
// Material: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton

// Which size to choose? It's better to choose a bit too small than big. This jeans will loosen a bit during the first time. Please check the product pictures for measurement chart and compare the measurements to your old pair of jeans (with no elastane!).

// Material

The denim is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown in Turkey and certified organic by Institute for Brandtecology ( Hemp is grown in China. The yarn is spun and the fabric is woven in China. The fabric production is operated by Hemp Traders - a well established company from USA dedicated to sustainability.

The strong and durable hemp is naturally ecological in many ways. It grows well without many nutrients, so it does not need synthetic fertilizers. Hemp requires little irrigation and it can grow in arid regions. Hemp also outcompetes other weeds, making the use of synthetic herbicides unneccessary.

Organic cotton is cultivated without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The production enhances biodiversity and causes as little impact on the surrounding environment as possible. The use of GMOs is prohibited.

The fabrics used in the pocket pouches are surplus materials from the Finnish textile industry. Label is made out of recycled inner tube cut with laser in Helsinki, Finland by Laser Cut Studio.

// Dyeing of fabric

The dyeing process on the hemp denim starts with the dyeing of the yarn before it is woven. One yarn is dyed indigo blue, while the other is left natural. Then they are woven together.

No Chlorine bleached is used. Enzymes are used to improve the smoothness, strenght and weight of the fabric. Dyed with low impact dye stuff. Fixation is 70% or more, no salt is added to dye bath. No heavy metal content. Heat reclamation and water filtration on site.

1. Production:

The cutting, sewing and finishing is done in a small town in Eastern Finland, Keitele. Although Keitele is a manufacturer of Scandinavia, MASI Company Oy. The Nurmi jeans are made from talented factory workers. The pocket pouches are printed in Lahti, Finland, by UNQ Designs.

The ecological and ethical aspects are taken well into consideration. In Finland the environmental laws are extremely strict.

2. Finishing:

No other finishing applied than light water wash. It gives the material a soft feel and pre-shrink the jeans. This way the jeans are more comfortable than usual.

3. Care & washing:

To save energy wash at 30 ° C inside out with environmentally friendly detergent. It is ok to wash the jeans at 40 ° C if needed.

Dry denim.

Reduce washing by hanging your jeans outside or freeze them everytime in a while. The older the jeans get the better they become - so cherish them for many years to come!

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Phasenreich selects manufacturers and suppliers who guarantee that for resources and production, the environmental impact is kept as low as possible. In addition, chemicals are largely avoided for the production of these clothes. 

The clothes in Phasenreich combine fair production conditions with style. So it's not the typical, old fashioned "organic" style. Visitors can discover the latest trends and still be considerate of the environment and fair production conditions.



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