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Bula Bula Moosplaneten
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Micki-Bula Bula moss planet

Brand: Bula Bula Moosplaneten

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Bula Bula Moosplaneten
Owner - Pia Messinger Store rating

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'Micki-Bula Bula moss planet'

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Bonsai ficus ginseng

This planet is available with beige or black knotted hanger.

As this is a natural product, its color, shape and size may differ.


Moss planets like less water than too much. Depending on the plant and space conditions, you can send your planet about every other week to bathe. To keep the moss green, we advise spraying the planet regularly with water. The leaves of some deciduous plants are very fond of drizzle. It is normal for the moss to turn yellow / brown over time; do not worry.

Each planet comes with a detailed care instructions.

Refueling the planets

1. soak

2. squeeze out

3. dry


Our moss planets are 100% handmade and made of high quality materials with a lot of passion. We chose robust plants that require relatively little care. Nevertheless, they are living beings who need love. They reward you when you give them their attention and read the little signs that express their dissatisfaction.

Depending on the inhabitant and the loving care, the moss-planets are long-term companions, who live their way up to two years.

BULA BULA can not guarantee the lifespan of the planets, as after the acquisition the owner takes care.

Delivery time: Our planets are the result of loving handcraft so the delivery time can be between 5-14 days. If you need your moss planet at a certain time, please write us a message.

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Bula Bula Moosplaneten

Planetologists Pia from Cologne lovingly create new cosmic homes for their green crew from soil balls that are covered in moss. 

Our moss planes are a very famous and attractive form of plant art in Japan, where you take a special soil mixture, form it into a ball and then cover it in moss. For us, these soil balls symbolise a small planet on which the plant is the only existing form of life whose roots are deep down in the middle of the "planet". In Japan, they are known as Kokedama, which literally means moss ball.

Wam, Samtschnitte, Johnny Cash, Shiny Sven, Funky Frida, Holger, Micki, Fat Fred, Cowboy Klaus and others are lifted into the air with thin cords to discover the galaxy or to land on a space station in your apartment.

From there they shout: bula, bula, I am a moss planet!

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