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The natural pedicure for at home.
Milky Foot is effective and easy to use and guarantees your feet a fantastic result in just 3-7 days:
Superfluous calluses are removed naturally, the skin regenerates and remains smooth and baby-soft.

Velvety feet after just one application

Exclusively formulated with a high proportion of mandelic acid & Milky Foot ExMilac (fermented milk filtrates).
The skin is supplied with moisture and feels soft and smooth.
Dead skin cells are gently and naturally removed with just one application and the feet are cared for with aloe vera.
Milky Foot works through enzymes and exfoliating ingredients that loosen dead skin cells.
In addition, amino acids provide moisture and vegetable
Extracts such as aloe vera, calendula and chamomile soothe the skin.

Application: Step 1. Soak your feet beforehand. Then put on both socks and fix them with the supplied adhesive tape. The 720 ° wrap around design enables comfortable portability. Step 2. Wear the socks for about 45-60 minutes. After the time has elapsed, take off the two socks again and wash your feet thoroughly with warm water. Do not wear the socks for more than 60 minutes! Step 3. After about 3 days, the dead skin cells (cornea) begin to loosen. The entire removal process takes about 7 days. Step 4. If there are still stubborn corneal areas, you can reapply Milky Foot. Step 5. It is recommended to repeat the application every 2 months. Step 6. Do not forcibly peel off the peeling skin. This can be painful and damage your skin. For a better detachment of the loosening skin, a foot bath with lukewarm water is recommended.


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