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Missha-Super Aqua cell renew snail cleansing foam 100 ml

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'Missha-Super Aqua cell renew snail cleansing foam 100 ml'

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The Nr. 1 skin care line from Asia made it to Europe and pampers your skin with natural and valuable snail now also extract. Skin cells are Turbo-fast renewed, repaired cell structures and eliminated impurities. Her complexion is incredibly soft and your skin radiates youthful and healthy.  Vorteile
  • Cleaning, cell renewal and maintenance in one product
  • Anti aging through intense cell regeneration
  • Brightening (radiant complexion)
  • extra moisture
  • cures acne, scars, dark pigmentation
  • without Parabens, mineral oil and artificial dyes
What is snail extract?   The curative effect of snail extract was already known to the ancient Romans. Plinus the elder (23-79 A.d.), a naturalist and author, described the extraordinary healing power of snail mucus as a very suitable, to heal wounds such as burns or similar. In the 1980s, a family began to breed name Bascuñan in Chile, snails for the catering industry in France. Very soon she watched as her hands delicately soft and your skin was incredibly bright. Also small wounds and scratches heal much faster than normal, without leaving even small scars. From 1995 conducted chemical analyses of SNA Ilex tract could be extracted worduch at least seven biological skin effective substances: collagen, elastin, Allantoin, vitamins, proteins, antimicrobielle peptides and glycolic acid (1). In 2000, a randomized double-blind study could prove significantly better effect of snail extract compared to the conventional Novobase cream. Scars and pigmentation of burns and other wounds could blatantly be reduced. And at the end still an important fact you almost all the sensational ingredients of snail mucus would like to believe: snail extract is completely free of side effects, and the milking of the cute, little Mari harm it in any way!  Konzept The highly nourishing and moisturizing MISSHA Super Aqua cell renew snail series has been designed to efficiently to the structure of the skin with vital Snailsekret extract for strong, skin damage to repair and strengthen the skin barrier. The regeneration of the cell has a double positive effect: anti aging and brightening in a natural way, without any side effects. Wrinkles and blemishes disappear, your skin is smooth and soft and shining like never before. The refreshing cleansing foam with 3% snail extract and milk green tea component maintains already during the facial cleansing. Gently removes dead skin cells and MakeUp residue. The foam supplied with extra moisture and stimulates the cell renewal. Impurities are eliminated, your complexion radiates youthful and fresh. The cleansing foam is extract of the Helix Pomatica, which were imported there bred from France to Korea and were lined with red ginseng to 3% from the precious snail. The precious extract (per worm only 1 g of snail extract in the extracted six hours) is served by healthy, 5-6 months old Mari won. This is completely harmless to the animals. The MISSHA Super Aqua cell renew snail skin treatment comes from complete without Parabens, mineral oil and artificial dyes.  
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