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MISSHA Super Aqua ice tear essence 50 ml

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'MISSHA Super Aqua ice tear essence 50 ml'

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"Tears of ice" untouched since thousands of years glacier water is called by the end of the world in Patagonia / Chile. In the Super Aqua MISSHA ice tear - series it provides much important moisture with crystal clear freshness and energizes your skin with its stable, crystalline structure.  Vorteile
  • plenty of moisture
  • Crystal clear finish
  • energizing water
  • healthy, youthful, radiant complexion
KonzeptThe essence with crystal-clear, clean glacier water plump the moisture your skin and memory ensures a crisp, clear skin texture.
  1. Unkontaminiertes glacier water has a healing, energizing hexagonal water very similar structure and is well absorbed by the skin. It heals your skin from deep and makes it fresh and healthy.
  2. With many minerals, the glacier water essence fills plump your skin's moisture depots and helps to save them.
  3. The essence includes 10% pure glacier water and dramatically increases the moisture level of your skin.
as secret of the water structure in healthy skin:water in healthy skin has a sturdy, dark hexagonal structure. Glacier water has a structure very similar to the hexagonal water and can penetrate so deeply into the skin. There, it remains in its stable, energentisierenden structure and stimulates the self-healing and fluid intake of your skin.Inhaltsstoffe
  • Pristine, clear glacier water from the end of the world: tears of ice - a waterfall from melting glacier water in Patagonia is the origin of the MISSHA Super Aqua ice tear - series. Millennia untouched it has an unprecedented purity and clarity, which now is there on your skin. Enriched with valuable minerals such as calcium and magnesium it brings your skin perfectly in balance and creates an excellent moisturizing base.
  • Colorless cell bubbles of ice plants allow a survival by forced liquid absorption plants in arid regions. These bubbles have an amount of minerals and vitamins and verhelften your skin to unprecedented clarity.
  • From the Blue Lagoon at the Polynesian deep in the South Pacific supplies your skin with minerals and essential nutrients and water, so it ensures a healthy fluid balance.
  • Laminaria saccharina (sugar Tang) has a highly moisture-supplying effect that occurs in addition immediately after application.
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