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Missha-Super Aqua oxygen micro essence peeling 100 g

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'Missha-Super Aqua oxygen micro essence peeling 100 g'

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Micro oxygen bubbles gushing away impurities and old skin cells and leave nothing but fresh, radiant skin!  Vorteile
  • gentle exfoliation without friction
  • also for sensitive skin
  • stimulate cell renewal
  • important moisture, nutrients, and relief of irritation
Konzept MISSHA_SA_Oxygen_Micro_Essence_Peeling_konzept
  1. The micro bubbles of oxygen to remove old skin cells and impurities from the pores without manual friction Scrubs.
  2. The skin balance will be restored, by speeding up the metabolism and cell regeneration.
  3. Water soluble essences such as hyaluronic acid to soothe the skin and provide them with important nutrients.
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