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Missha-Super Aqua refreshing cleansing foam 200 ml

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'Missha-Super Aqua refreshing cleansing foam 200 ml'

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He fresh cleansing foam with dense mousse and 49% pure moisture make up - residues and contaminants cleans effectively and pores without irritating your skin. At the same time, it replenishes your skin's moisture depots. Her complexion is smooth and shines clear and fresh.Vorteile
  • Mild, deep-pore facial cleansing
  • Fresh finish without gloss or feeling of tension
  • Pleasant Nachgefühl through populated moisture depots
  1. The rich foam of the refreshing cleansing foams away impurities smoothly and reliably, without destroying the important film of moisture on your skin.
  2. Moisclean is a mixture of gentle cleanser and a rich moisturizer, which moisturises your skin during the cleansing plumper. Moisclean ensures a thorough removal of impurities and leaves clear and humidity maintained good feeling skin.
  3. Blue Lotus cleans and refreshes your skin and washes away easily tired makers from harmful environmental influences. Blue Lotus - extract is quantity of course limited and therefore especially valuable. It can radiate your complexion clear and youthful.
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