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Missha-time revolution vitality lotion 130 ml

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'Missha-time revolution vitality lotion 130 ml'

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Discover you the MISSHA time revolution vitality - series! Energy and elasticity of your skin with a completely new, red special complex!  xKonzept Revolution vitality lotion revitalizes the MISSHA time and smoothes tired and uneven skin. It leaves nothing but an incredible feeling of freshness and full of your skin's moisture depots. Wrinkles are populated by lots of moisture fed into and strengthen the skin's strength and elasticity. Harmful influences from outside bounce off, your skin will thank you and shine in new youthful, silky fresh.  xInhaltsstoffe The Red complex consists of hibiscus, pomegranate and cranberry, boosts your skin with incomparable revitalising energy.  The pomegranate miracle ingredients in beauty were already described in the Bible and thus the fruit is regarded as one of the oldest medicinal plants. The list of makers fit vitamins is endlessly long, also pomegranate protects against free radicals. The antioxidant (anti-ageing) and cell protective force is up to four times as high as in green tea or red wine. Also pomegranate activates the metabolism and prevents skin irritation. Hibiscus is one of the main anti-aging weapons in the cosmetics market. It inhibits the formation of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPS), which reduces the storage of fat in the skin and it remains smooth and supple. Convince cranberries in the cosmetics industry has long been due to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action. The skin is soothed and stretched, prevents premature signs of aging, redness and swelling of the skin.
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