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Haack am Markt
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Möbel-Regenerator Renuwell® [270ml]

Brand: Renuwell®

Seller: Haack am Markt Wilster

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Haack am Markt
Owner - Andreas Richeling Store rating

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Furniture regenerator Renuwell®

Recommended by the furniture specialist!

  • For all light and dark types of wood:
    New, old and antique. Ideal for any paint surface. Carpenters, painters and restorers work with the furniture regenerator every day. They recommend the product to everyone who wants to refresh, care for and protect their furniture.

  • The application is simple:
    Put Furniture Regenerator on a cloth, apply and wipe off. In a matter of seconds, ugly alcohol and water stains, gray haze, scratches, nicotine deposits and dirt disappear.

  • The effect:
    The surface is intensively cleaned and renewed, the wood layer is nourished. Returns the original shade and moisture. The furniture regenerator works deep, not just superficially.
  • The result:
    The beautiful grain of the wood comes into its own again. This creates protection against dirt (no layering).

  • Quality product:
    Made from high quality raw materials. Is free from silicone oil.

    Proven for over 40 years.
  • Contents: 270 ml

    Also available in bottles of 270 ml, 500 ml and 1,000 ml.

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Haack am Markt
West coast Schleswig-Holstein, in the center of a small town, normal down-to-earth customers, families, pensioners, rural population, grocery business mainly household goods and metal goods. Apart from that our range of products includes: Brushes and scrubbers, steel products (knives and scissors), tools, garden tools, seeds, pesticides, pet food, gift items, fishing equipment, weapons and ammunition, semiluxury food (sweets and tobacco), some zoo goods. Our business was founded more than 115 years ago and is led by the fourth generation now. Our customers call our store “Klein Karstadt” suggesting that we are the small town version of a big department store chain in Germany. The store has 6 employees including boss and family.
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