Owner - Marc Rexroth

MOVEO. F1 shelving system by Reditum

Brand: reditum

Seller: reditum Cologne

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Owner - Marc Rexroth

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'MOVEO. F1 shelving system by Reditum'

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  • Hand made
  • Made of recycled packaging material used by the formula one
  • Limited Edition

This extraordinary shelving system by Reditum is hand crafted at sheltered workshops and made from 100% recycled material, which makes every shelf a unique piece. Every element can easily be assembled and connected to further element without tools.

The moveo F1 system is a limited special edition with only 333 unique pieces. The tropical timber that what recycled to build the shelves which formerly used as packing material by a well-known formula one racing team.

Material: Tropical timber, bicycle inner tube, metal clippings

Store Information
State of the art upcycled furniture Discover local Store Reditum at Cologne Germany: The headquarters of the small Reditum factory is located in the beautiful Nippes neighborhood of Cologne.

Just off the noisy street tumult you find here a quiet oasis overlooking the green, where you are invited to have a cup of coffee and be inspired. In this time-honored building there is a lot of creativity.

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