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No 175 German raspberry strawberry

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'No 175 German raspberry strawberry'

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{Fragaria x ananassa, Mistress Schindler}

What is that, a raspberry or a strawberry? "We are often asked. The answer is clear, because botanically it is a strawberry strain. Her Latin suffix 'Mieze Schindler' refers to the wife of the director of the Higher State School for Horticulture in Dresden, Prof. Otto Schindler, who bred the variety almost two decades ago from two other varieties. At first glance, it looks very similar to a raspberry and is probably the most aromatic strawberry variety with a distinct wild strawberry flavor. The cultivation of the 'Mieze' requires some enthusiasm on the part of our southern German strawberry farmers, because the variety is considered to be low yielding, the fruits as not particularly storable and since it forms exclusively female flowers, other varieties must be planted in addition to pollination in between. The particularly intense aroma is well worth the effort and so the raspberry strawberries were harvested highly ripe for us and immediately deep-frozen to preserve the aromas until maceration. By the way, strawberries are not berries but botanically nut fruits, ie the tasty red part of the strawberry is a false fruit and the actual fruits are the small nutlets on their surface. With "sham" our spirit certainly has nothing in common, as it is with the very special wild strawberry aromas of the 'Mieze Schindler' an exceptionally intense and aromatic strawberry spirit and therefore ideal for pure enjoyment, for the kitchen or in the bar recommended.

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DSM is a German spirit manufacturer developing and producing premium small-batch and wholly handmade spirits. Every production stage is performed by hand, from the preparation of the raw ingredients through to maceration, mashing, careful distillation and packing.

With all this happening in our distinguished brick-building warehouse and showroom, located right in the buzzing centre of Berlin, our “Made in Berlin” label isn’t just some passing phrase: it’s a promise.

Our passion for developing completely new recipes and for the craft of distilling means we systematically pursue our goal of creating outstanding spirits – unique, innovative products with uncompromising quality.

Quality doesn’t happen by chance; it requires careful planning. It starts with the selection of handpicked, high-quality natural raw materials. During the distillation process in the best available copper stills, we pay particular attention to the careful separation of the first and last runnings. And, of course, we never add artificial flavours or sugar. From product storage and maturation through to quality control, our production methods create the conditions for meeting our aspiration.

Our exceptional distillates are guaranteed to provide moments of pleasure that recall past taste sensations while also discovering new ones. Lovers and connoisseurs of premium spirits will find our unique eaux-de-vie and spirits open up a whole new world of tastes and aromas. We want to completely redefine the concept of “premium” – nothing more, nothing less.

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