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No 585 German lemon balm

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{Melissa officinalis}

The Latin name of melissa, as it is often called, gives a deep look: the Greek words melissa and meli, mean honey and bees, and give an idea of how popular the honey-sats are small whitish flowers of melissa among the bees. The Artepitheton officinalis, however, is an indication of the medicinal use of the plant. Their leaves are used because of their sedative and carminative effect in sleep disorders and functional gastrointestinal complaints, but are also used as a spice for a long time in Europe. Of the many constituents of lemon balm, which are responsible for this broad use, we are mainly interested in the essential oil, because it is responsible for the smell and taste of our mind. Its aromatic, lemon-like and spicy aromas are mainly borne by the monoterpene balances Citronellal, Geranial (also: Citral a) and Neral (also: Citral b), whereby the proportion of the former, depending on its origin, is subject to considerable fluctuations. Furthermore, geraniol (floral and rose notes), linalool (floral-woody notes) and other terpenoid substances contribute to the refreshing overall impression, which characterizes our pure melissa spirit. We highly recommend this for mixing, for fine dining and for uncooled direct enjoyment!

small pharmacy bottle 16,50 € (50 ml, 42% vol - 330,00 € / l)
high pharmacy bottle 69,00 € (350 ml, 42% vol - 197,14 € / l)
Distillate sprayer 19,50 € (50 ml, 50% vol - 390,00 € / l)
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DSM is a German spirit manufacturer developing and producing premium small-batch and wholly handmade spirits. Every production stage is performed by hand, from the preparation of the raw ingredients through to maceration, mashing, careful distillation and packing.

With all this happening in our distinguished brick-building warehouse and showroom, located right in the buzzing centre of Berlin, our “Made in Berlin” label isn’t just some passing phrase: it’s a promise.

Our passion for developing completely new recipes and for the craft of distilling means we systematically pursue our goal of creating outstanding spirits – unique, innovative products with uncompromising quality.

Quality doesn’t happen by chance; it requires careful planning. It starts with the selection of handpicked, high-quality natural raw materials. During the distillation process in the best available copper stills, we pay particular attention to the careful separation of the first and last runnings. And, of course, we never add artificial flavours or sugar. From product storage and maturation through to quality control, our production methods create the conditions for meeting our aspiration.

Our exceptional distillates are guaranteed to provide moments of pleasure that recall past taste sensations while also discovering new ones. Lovers and connoisseurs of premium spirits will find our unique eaux-de-vie and spirits open up a whole new world of tastes and aromas. We want to completely redefine the concept of “premium” – nothing more, nothing less.

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