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SPAZIOiF Design in bottega
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No.-DO earrings

Brand: SPAZIOiF_design in bottega

Seller: SPAZIOiF Design in bottega Rome

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SPAZIOiF Design in bottega
Owner - Carla Ferrara Store rating

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'No.-DO earrings'

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The knot is a careful and complex work. Each stitch modes mean the perfect geometry of the circle. No.-do is a historical collection and each piece is special. The handicraft is similar to a macrame made out of rubber. I often wear these earrings, which have become a talisman for me. I like their asymmetry, the perfect circle is on the idea which makes a simple object particular without being too crazy. The opaque material gives prominence to the style.
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SPAZIOiF Design in bottega
SPAZIOiF design in bottega, is a small Sicilian independent brands, bags, scarves, accessories designed by me (Irene Ferrara), are all made in a small workshops in Sicily so the design is combined with traditional manufacturing.
Our store in Rome is a special place where we chose to host company like ours, in addition to our productions, there is little other brands with the same craftsmanship and stylistic research, from clothing to accessories woman and something for man, all objects that have a story to tell, and Carla and Annalisa are at your disposal to tell it.