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Notebook at an angle and beautiful - Trapez22 - Caribbean

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'Notebook at an angle and beautiful - Trapez22 - Caribbean'

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Creativity is announced!

What happens if you ignore the old notebook convention and choose a new design language and formats?

The diamond shaped notebook "Trapez22" is the highlight of the series. Due to its two sloping sides of the diverse application is no limit. Whether for spontaneous notes, creative sketches or as a diary: the 65 pages are open to an experimental design.

The extraordinary notebook is also an original gift for yourself and others.

Or how about a cookbook with the grandmother's best recipes?

Let yourself be inspired!

The language of culture and creativity

The designs of Janina Lamberty are about the confrontation of art and culture. The design incorporates current trends.

The format

The notebooks and blocks are inspired by the artists of cubism and their work. The idea for this came from the Picasso Museum in Barcelona looking at a work by Pablo Picasso who was also known as the father of cubism.

The unusual formats of the notebooks open up possibilities for us to think and design in other dimensions. It creates new perspectives and many ways of creative design. Anyone who chooses a design product from the collection buys a useful and individual limited edition product.

The design of the Caribbean with its variety of colors refers to the creative work of the artists Franz Marc, August Macke and others. These new art movements initiated the transition to modern art and led to the pioneering revolution in form and color for art in the 20th century.

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