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NUAPUA Naturally uncomplicated Other Unique drinking system from Austria

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'NUAPUA Naturally uncomplicated Other Unique drinking system from Austria'

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In Austria already a hit nuapua Brings natural taste into your water. Completely without sugar and sugar substitutes. No matter when and where
, In the nuapua Flavenkapseln are exclusively natural aromas from fruits, herbs, spices and flowers. Then nothing. Specialized taste compositions create an arrangement of freshness, extravagance, surprise and irresistibility.
With "nuapua", we have succeeded in developing a novel, practical and at the same time sustainable solution, in order to make tasteful and sensible drinking possible.

Compared to conventional 0.75 liter PET beverage bottles, the packaging material can be reduced by up to 98%. The transport weight is reduced by more than 99% thanks to the use of regional water. In this way, we are able to make 100% enjoyment in line with the use of regional water resources.
9 different tastes, tasting in the shop possible at any time.
Nuapua at You Tube!
Available in 5 colors very stylish design.Easy handling. Each bottle comes with 6 flavor buds.
Flavorstäbchen all 9 Geschmacksrichtung a 6 piece in stock.
The water bottles are made of high quality Tritan ™ material, free of bisphenol A and any plasticizers. In addition, the material is odorless and tasteless.
A nuapua Flavorkapsel is sufficient for at least 0.75 liters of full enjoyment. Up to this amount, the taste remains uniform, then gradually decreases. You just drink as long as you like it. Just as it is in nature, some of our variations taste more intense, others more discreet. We believe this may also be so and do not want to cheat you by sugar or other additives.

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